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Roy Walker

Mr Chips
Say what you see - if you see it, say it!

Partners in crime - original show host Roy Walker (left) and the yellow geezer Mr Chips are here to bring you more 1980s quiz-show fun!

One of ITV's most popular game shows during the 80s and 90s, where the object of the game is quite literally to "say what you see" and "if you see it, say it!".

Getting all arty-farty, I've tried to recapture the magic of the show with some catchphrases for you to play along with - remember the name 'Mr Chips' may or may not play a part in the answer!

Please note that this page is no longer being updated.

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  • Many people have asked me by email if I have a copy of the "snake charmer" catchphrase in which it appears that Mr Chips is doing something rather suggestive! After much searching, I've found a copy of it online at You Tube: